Ozturk Coffee roasting equipment manufacturers has been established by our grandfather Salih Cetingoz in 1930,originally producing finest windmills Turkey.

In 1944 Ozturk has produced the first coffee grinder in Turkey. Between 1952 and 1979 second generation of Ozturk's has continued their operation with Mr. S.Zeki Ozturkbay as a head of our company. In 1979, with third generation Mr. Aksit Ozturkbay joining to the company, Ozturks's become a lieder in the industry and started to produce Coffee roasting and preparation equipment in addition to the product range.

The company is Actively trading With Mr. Aksit Ozturkbay as our of the company Based in iZMIR TURKEY.

Our products is manufactured to a world standards this includes Coffee Grinders, Coffee roasting Machines, Coffee containers, afterburners,de-stoner's,Dried nuts roasters, spice grinders,ice sugar production equipment. Ozturk builds every thing that you will need in coffee industry. Ozturk roasters are designed with the user in mind to maximize its productivity and to minimize maintenance which is the concept behind its modular component design. This gives the user easy access for removal and cleaning of parts, resulting in less maintenance than other leading brands.

As a 4th generation Ozturks we are proudly continuing our name of the OZTURKS trade mark.


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